10 Reasons Island life is better than British life

Dear England,

Whilst I do miss you greatly, it has to be said there are a few things about Caribbean life that I will genuinely miss when I finally make my move back to the cool waters of Europe. Here is my list of just 10 of them!

  1. While everyone back in Blighty is shivering and cursing the onset of winter frost, dark mornings and higher heating bills, you can sit on the beach in your swimsuit and soak in the sun in 28 degrees. Oh, and winter bills are cheaper because little to no AC is required! Just try not to be *that* person everyone hates by posting your good fortune on Social Media every day. Once a week…maybe 😉


Don’t be this person (too often)

2. Hardly anyone utters the word ‘Brexit’, if you can believe it! Our newspaper front pages are reserved for far more interesting headlines like “Cayman Arts Festival gets new piano” (yes this was front-page news!!) or “Missing cow found”.

3. Brunch is a way of life. If you’ve never experienced a Cayman Brunch you’ve never fully lived. Picture the scene – an all you can eat breakfast buffet, but alongside the avocado toasts and eggs benedicts you’ll see (amongst many other things) beef wellington, freshly made sushi, oysters and a host of teeny tiny desserts. Oh and let’s not forget the bottomless prosecco.

4. No-one judges you if you have a cocktail every night after work. You’re not an alcoholic, you’re just a pirate. Yarr.

5. Your Instagram looks SO much cooler when it’s full of pristine beaches, colourful carnival pictures and pirates. ‘Nuff said.

6. Never before in my life have I been able to jump straight into the ocean after finishing up a sweaty session at the gym. Much better than a cold shower!

7. Everyone wants to visit the Islands! No-one wants to visit your tiny flat in the corner of an old industrial estate in Salford. Sorrynotsorry.

8. Weekend pool parties are a regular thing. Have no weekend plans? Call up a friend, bring a bottle of prosecco over and sit in their pool together drinking with your shades on. All 12 months of the year this is an awesome (free) option to while away the weekend.

9. The food! Grand Cayman, in particular, is hailed as the culinary capital of the Caribbean. And for good reason – any kind of food you could dream of is probably found here somewhere and all to a massively high standard. Oh, and the local food is to die for. Jerk pork, johnny cakes and rice n peas, or a plate of turtle stew or Cayman style beef washed down with a cool cup of rum and swanky?? Yes sah!

10. Sunsets. Yes, okay, you get sunsets everywhere but there’s something particularly special about seeing the sky light up pink as the sun disappears over the horizon of the turquoise Caribbean sea.


Let me know if this rings true for any of you reading! What are YOUR favourite things about the Caribbean compared to home?

Forever yours,


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