Travel off the rock

Dear England,

Is it bad that I’m getting itchy feet already? I’ve only been back on my little island for a month and already I want to get off again and go somewhere new. But this time not home. As much as I love going back to the UK and seeing old faces and catching up, I feel I’ve really not been making the most of my new position in the world.

I’m in the middle of the Caribbean – I’ve not even visited another Caribbean island yet! And the only time I’ve visited the US (other than a work trip to Disneyworld) has been to fly through a few of its airports (Miami Int, JFK and Charlotte are not, I feel, the most inspiring places the USA has to offer).



So I’m inspired! I’ve booked a summer holiday FINALLY and it’s to a place that isn’t the UK! In fact it’s been a dream trip of mine for many years so I’ve very excited to finally be able to take it (and cross it off my list of things to do before I’m 30 from my other blog).


Coast to Coast across the USA – my summer vaycay!

Over the summer I’ll be doing the most exciting – COAST TO COAST road trip across the USA! That’s right – it’s cliché but it’s a dream of mine. Starting in NYC, we’ll go down through Philly and Washington DC, through the Appalachian Mountains (definitely need some Copland on my playlist!) then down through Nashville and Memphis (oooh the music is going to be so good here!!) and then through into Lousiana and the Big Easy. I am CRAZY excited about this bit, I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans! I’ll be bringing my clarinet mouthpiece and hopefully will get to jam with some jazzers!

Maybe I’ll even meet a trumpet playing crocodile.

When we’re done in Louisiana we’re due to head through Texas, out into New Mexico and at some point along the classic Route 66. Then when we’re on the home stretch we’ll work our way up through Monument Valley and spend a couple of days at the Grand Canyon before heading up to Las Vegas! I’ve heard so many friends have been here and loved it; I just hope I don’t lose all my money on the roulette table!!

On the home stretch we’ll be headed through Death Valley (one of the hottest places on the planet – eek!) and spending a couple of nights in Yosemite National Park where we hopefully won’t get eaten by bears. Then finally up to San Francisco where the trip ends and we will all go our separate ways. Maybe I will leave my heart there…


The route map – courtesy of Intrepid Travel

The trip is run by a group called Intrepid Travel. My friend Jemima’s parents have been singing their praises on Facebook for the last few years so out of curiosity I checked them out. They’re perfect for single travellers like me who want the adventure but whose friends either don’t want to do the same trip or who can’t justify the expense. It will be a totally new experience for me travelling with a group of strangers but hopefully it will be as amazing as I’m hoping and I may come out of it with some new friends! I suppose people who do this sort of trip are all quite like-minded in a way so we’ll have some common ground to start with.

The funny thing is, now that trip is all booked and paid for I keep looking ahead to my next holidays planning on where I could possibly go next. Cuba, Costa Rica, Jamaica…I also hear there’s an amazing water park in the Bahamas. I guess that travel bug has well and truly bitten me again!

Forever yours,

Emily xxx

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